The 3rd World Intelligent Driving Challenge was held in Tianjin

       On May 15, 2019, the 3rd World Intelligent Driving Challenge was launched in Dongli District, Tianjin. Relevant VIPs from Tianjin Municipal Government, CATARC and relevant organizations were present on the launching ceremony.

       The Challenge was a key part of the 3rd World Intelligence Congress and held the targets of “high starting point, becoming the mainstream, international operation and special characteristics”. It included 3 parts as “a challenge, a conference and an exhibition”. The Challenge strived to create the world class intelligent auto brand event, build the global intelligent vehicle exchange platform, make the international technical practice testing measurement and provide the authoritative, impartial and third party service to the advance of the intelligent vehicle science and technology, the exchange of standards and regulations and the science knowledge promotion among the public via the solid, holistic and pragmatic assessment of intelligent and connection, cyber security and autonomous driving. Totally 84 teams participated in the challenge. Improvement of the challenge included: 1. There were three groups for challenge as autonomous driving challenge, cyber security challenge and virtual scenario challenge while the intelligent assistant game was canceled; 2. Instead of three items in the previous event, the autonomous driving challenge this year had four items as countryside game, highway game, urban game and IEC extreme game. The IEC extreme game tended to assess the participating car’s decision making ability in terms of route planning and ethical dilemma etc.; 3. The gaming scenarios and the number of scenarios were changed in the autonomous driving challenge. Rural game had 16 scenarios, urban game 21, highway game 5 and IEC extreme game 3. The change of the scenarios increased the difficulty of the games to get adapted to the needs of the development of ICV technologies; 4. The cyber security challenge changed the rules of the game and set 4 stages as preliminary game, repechage game, final game and additional game. Based on its own capacity, the teams could choose to participate in the additional game or not, which meant the change of the game rules enhanced the enjoyable features for the audience.



       The conference was the World Intelligent Driving Industry Forum. The forum, with the themes of artificial intelligence and autonomous driving, IOV and cyber security, policies, standards, laws and ethics, ride sharing and intelligent transport etc. discussed the commercialization of ICV, the orientation of intelligent and connected vehicle technologies, the sharing of industrial innovation and collaboration and the prospect of technology application.



       The exhibition was the world intelligent driving technology exhibition and experience program. The exhibition and experience program were located in diversified scenarios including the closed park, city open road and real highway, mainly displayed the still products related to ICV, provided the autonomous minibus and RoboTaxi test ride experience, the application experience of driverless logistics vehicle, the demonstration of autonomous vehicle running on highway, V2X vehicle platooning, 5G remote autonomous driving demonstration etc. Those programs could enhance the close interactive experience between autonomous vehicles and general public, fully promote the commercialization process of autonomous vehicle and launch the starting year of ICV commercial operation. It is said totally 16 corporations and organizations had participated in the world intelligent driving technology exhibition and experience program including FAW Bestune, Holomatic, Leishen Intelligent System, Autoware Foundation & Hong Kong Productivity Council, AutoCore UK, FAW ICV Development Institute, TierIV, Yudaowujia, JD X Business Division, JMC New Energy, 51VR, Integrated Command and Coordination Lab etc.

       During the event, hundreds of industrial leaders and professional scholars in the intelligent driving field participated in and watched the game. The Challenge would be fully reported via hundreds of domestic and foreign media as CCTV, Xinhua News Agency, China Daily etc. and provide a world top-class science and technology feast of intelligent driving.

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