CATARC and FAW Car signed the strategic collaboration agreement

       On Feb 1, 2019, CATARC Co., Ltd. and FAW Car Co., Ltd. signed the strategic collaboration agreement in Changchun. Leaders present on the signing ceremony included Yu Kai, CATARC CPC Party Secretary, President and General Manager, Xi Guohua, FAW Deputy CPC Party Secretary and General Manager and President of FAW Car Co., Ltd., Liu Changqing, FAW General Manager Assistant and Bestune Business Dept. Director and CPC Party Secretary, Sui Zhongjian, Bestune Business Dept. Vice Director and FAW Car Co., Ltd. Vice General Manager, Huang Chunjie, FAW Co., Ltd. General Manager Assistant and Director of the Strategic Planning and Project Dept., and Ma Yan, CPC Party Secretary and Director of Bestune R&D Institute under the FAW Car Co., Ltd. Relevant CATARC representatives from its Development and Operation Dept., ASRI, TATC, ATIRI, AERI and ADC were also present on the event.

       On the signing ceremony, both sides reviewed the remarkable collaboration basis over the years, the close relationship in areas as standards and regulations, testing and certification, performance development and technology consultation etc. and the substantial achievements of such partnership. Both sides agreed in future they would establish the high-level exchange mechanism, facilitate the enforcement of multi-channel and broad field collaboration and realize the win-win result.

       Based on the signing of the strategic collaboration agreement, AERI, TATC, ATIRI of CATARC also signed the collaboration agreements with the Joint Engineering Center, Joint Testing Center and Joint Prospective Information Research Center of FAW Car. Co., Ltd.

       The success of that event strengthened the solid foundation of the further technical collaboration between CATARC and FAW Car. In future, both parties will together make constant efforts for promoting the growth of the automotive industry in China.


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