ASRI attended the 9th P-P Joint Forum in Asian Region and the 23rd JASIC Asia Government/Industry Meeting

       The 9th Asia P-P (Public and Private) Joint Forum in Asian Region and the 23rd JASIC Asia Government/Industry Meeting was held in Chiang Rai, Thailand between Dec 12 and 14, 2018. About 120 representatives from the government and automotive industry in over 10 Asian countries as China, India, Korea, Japan, Thailand etc. participated in the forum. The CATARC delegation attended the forum and the meeting with invitation and the delegation leader Mr. Wang Xueping, Deputy Director of the CATARC ASRI (Auto Standardization Research Institute) made the special presentation on the event.

       The event was sponsored by MLIT of Japan and DLT of Thailand and organized by JASIC with the theme of “harmonization and the future development of mutual recognition and cooperation of vehicle regulations in Asian region”. On the government meeting on Dec 12, the Chinese representatives made the special presentation and introduced China’s participation in UN WP29 and the latest working progress of a number of non-official workgroups chaired or co-chaired by China. On the P-P Joint Forum on Dec 13 and 14, the Chinese representatives introduced the recent international exchanges of China NTCAS Secretariat and the historic achievements of China’s automotive standardization in the past 40 years since China’s reform and opening-up. Governmental and industrial representatives from various countries on the event all gave high comments about China’s achievements and expressed their wish of having further communication in future.

       The participation of the Chinese delegation in that Asia P-P Joint Forum effectively promoted the communication between China and the relevant countries, enhanced the influence of China’s standards in Asia and expanded the businesses of the CATARC ASEAN Automotive Standard Research Center.




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