2018 IFCAID launching the new journey for auto industry at the 40th anniversary of China’s reform and opening-up

       During Aug 31-Sep 2, 2018, International Forum on Chinese Automotive Industry Development (IFCAID-TEDA) was held in Tianjin. In light of the new era and new journey, the forum this year highlights the annual theme of “at the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up, Chinese auto industry starts the new journey”. Over 1000 guests including national government officials, high-level corporate executives, authoritative scholars and experts from home and abroad gathered in Tianjin and had the communication for finding excellent ideas and solutions for deepening the reform and opening-up.

Session of the 2018 IFCAID

       CATARC President Yu Kai made significant address on the opening ceremony and stressed three major issues: 1. The loosening of the joint venture shareholding percentage restriction would speed the industrial polarization, so Chinese brands must actively progress and make bold innovation to seek stronger competitiveness via the benign cycle involving input and output and R&D and market. 2. Facing the grave problems of traffic, environment and resources, the sharing ecology of NEV in the future would be more prosperous. 3. Chinese auto industry should bravely break the industrial separation, clear the market barriers, encourage the collaboration between auto and internet and other sectors and enhance the innovation chain and value chain of the entire industry.

CATARC President Yu Kai

Many common understandings were reached on the 2018 IFCAID, making voice for promoting the high quality growth of the auto industry.

I. Six authorities issued authoritative information instructing the policy tendency and guiding the industrial orientation

       The forum this year invited the governmental officials from the authorities as NDRC, MOST, MIIT, MOF, MEE, MOFCOM etc.
NDRC Industrial Harmonization Department Director-General Nian Yong said China should stimulate the high-quality industrial development and NDRC would issue and enforce ICV innovation and development strategies and implement the investment management rules of auto industry as soon as possible. MOF Tariff Department Director-General Feng Jinping said MOF would optimize the auto tariff control via both lifting and cutting some categories of tariff. MOST High-tech Development and Commercialization Department Deputy Director-General Xu Chaoqian said in the phase of late “13th 5-year Plan” and the “14th 5-year Plan”, MOST would focus on two major areas as vehicle hydrogen fuel technology R&D and the system building of autonomous driving and intelligent transportation. MIIT Equipment Industry Department Deputy Director-General Qu Guochun stressed the 3 hot topics as NEV, ICV and admission management and raised the management thoughts about 13 aspects such as planning to launch fuel cell vehicle demonstration, speed the ICV road testing and expect to release the admission permit and management methods for road motor vehicle manufacturers and products. MOF Economic Construction Department Deputy Director-General Song Qiuling said in future MOF would stick to the idea of supporting the outstanding and competitive NEV companies by offering subsidies, build the flexible adjustment mechanism and keep lifting the technical threshold. MOFCOM Market System Building Department Director Xiao Rongchen said China would promote auto dealing system reform from 4 major aspects. MEE Air Management Department Deputy Director Wang Tao introduced the motor vehicle pollution prevention policies.

NDRC Industrial Harmonization Department Director-General Nian Yong

MOF Tariff Department Director-General Feng Jinping

MOST High-tech Development and Commercialization Department Deputy Director-General Xu Chaoqian

MIIT Equipment Industry Department Deputy Director-General Qu Guochun

MOF Economic Construction Department Deputy Director-General Song Qiuling

II. Top level guest releasing the significant information for the industry
       Over 20 mainstream OEMs and suppliers home and abroad gathered on the forum and discussed about the future of the industry. Dongfeng Vice General Manager An Tiecheng, BAIC President Xu Heyi, Changan President Zhu Huarong, GAC Group General Manager Feng Xingya and Sinopec Vice President Huang Wensheng together discussed the deepening of the reform of Chinese OEMs and suppliers in the new era and how to realize the high quality development. Executives of the top level multinational OEMs as Nissan, Honda, BMW, Porsche etc. shared their experience of cross-country integrating and optimizing the resources in China and the achievements of exploring new businesses and innovating the business models.

       More than 10 emerging auto makers discussed about the new situation in the industry. The forum specially invited the new players in the auto industry as Nio, Xiaopeng, Bordrin etc., all of which shared their thinking about joint venture and collaboration.

  IFCAID also attracted many authoritative experts and scholars from China and abroad. CAS academician Ouyang Minggao and CAE academician Sun Fengchun shared their respective latest research achievements about NEV, which was the top level idea collision for the auto industry. CAE academicians Guo Konghui, Su Wanhua, Li Jun etc. also provided strong intelligent support to the forum this year.

       Carrying the dream of industrial prosperity, IFCAID is held successfully for 14 years in a row. The forum has become the largest scale, highest level and the most influential high-end brand event in Chinese auto industry. At the start of the new journey where China will leap from a large auto country to a strong auto country, IFCAID will keep playing the role of gathering all the elites from various areas in the society, helping them discuss the strategies and find the ways to promote the industry. IFCAID will join hands with the entire industry and seek the healthy and high quality path of development for the auto industry in China.


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