Announcement about the leader group composition and cadre appointment and dismiss of CATARC after the reform

       On Feb 7, 2018, CATARC held the cadre conference while on behalf of SASAC Mr. Jiang Weiliang, Chief of the SASAC No.2 Bureau for Enterprise Leader Management announced the decision of leader group composition and the appointment and dismiss of relevant cadres after CATARC was reformed as China Automotive Technology and Research Center Corporation Limited (CATARC Co., Ltd.): CATARC Co., Ltd. would establish the board of directors; Mr. Yu Kai would assume the post of President and the Secretary of CPC Committee and be nominated as the candidate of the General Manager of CATARC Co., Ltd.; Mr. Li Xinya would be the external board director of CATARC Co., Ltd. with the tenure of 3 years; the employee director in the board would be elected per the relevant provisions of the corporation. The deputy posts in the leader group of CATARC Co., Ltd. were confirmed according to the new name of the corporation: Ms. Niu Xiangchun would assume the post of Deputy Secretary and Discipline Inspection Secretary of CPC Committee; Mr. Gao Hesheng, Mr. Wu Zhixin and Mr. Li Wei would be nominated as the candidates of the Vice General Manager of CATARC Co., Ltd. The posts of former leader group of CATARC were naturally relieved and Mr. Zhang Jianwei would no longer hold the post of Vice President of CATARC, and thus retire.
       Jiang Weiliang explained the cadre adjustment, highly confirmed and praised the contribution of Zhang Jianwei to the reform and development of CATARC and introduced the profile, capabilities and working achievements of Yu Kai. In the speech, Yu Kai said he would unite the leader group and all the cadres and employees of CATARC, strive to make another paramount success and build CATARC into the first class enterprise with global competitiveness in the world auto industry.

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