CATARC Wuhan Operations NEV and Component Test Center held the ground breaking ceremony

       On December 20, 2017 CATARC Wuhan Operations NEV and Component Test Center held the ground breaking ceremony in Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Area. CATARC CPC Party Secretary Yu Kai and relevant officials of Wuhan government attended the event.

         CATARC Wuhan Operations NEV and Component Test Center, deeply rooted in Wuhan, is an automotive testing technology public service platform based on Hanyang SPV Research Institute under the all-round strategic collaboration framework between CATARC and Wuhan Municipal Government and Wuhan Economic and Technological Development Area with the purpose of providing service to Central China area and influencing the central and western part of China.
       Mobility has experienced rapid growth in the past decade and the global mobility is facing great challenge in terms of energy, environmental protection and transport. To accelerate technology R&D and commercialization and greatly develop energy saving and NEV (new energy vehicle) and ICV (intelligent and connected vehicle) has become the development direction of international mobility. In light of mobility transforming and upgrading, the mobility in Central China has shown the momentum of innovation drive and high-speed development. A batch of NEV and ICV projects have all settled down in central China like Dongfeng, Dongfeng Renault, Shanghai GM, Dongfeng Yangtze, Hubei Chengli, Hubei Xinchufeng, Hubei Jinggong, Changjiang NextEV Intelligent NEV Industrial Park, BYD, Geely IOV, Great Wall IOV R&D Center, Saab Autonomous Driving, Baidu Autonomous Driving and so on. The new technologies and new products and the market consumption interact with each other and there will be increasing demands of testing and R&D.
       To meet the testing and technical research demands of the NEV companies in Central China, CATARC plans and organizes to build the National NEV Quality Supervision and Test Center based on Hanyang SPV Research Institute with CATARC Wuhan Operations NEV and Component Test Center as the carrier. The building of that center will fill the gap of the 3rd party test and R&D capability for whole vehicle and key component in Central China area and satisfy the needs of mobility production service and technical upgrading thereof.
       On the ceremony, Yu Kai introduced the project in detail. The construction plan of Wuhan Auto and Component Test Base started in 2009 and is a significant investment action for CATARC to enforce the strategic deployment in Central China. The project occupies an area of 16.5 acres and the Phase I project has been put into operation since 2013 involving the investment of over RMB 300 million. What is launched this December is the Phase II project, which will involve investment RMB 180 million in 2018. The main project construction will last one year and half and batches of funds will be invested in the capability buildup in 2019. Per the CATARC development plan and strategic deployment, during the “13th 5-year Plan”, CATARC will keep expanding the investment in Wuhan Operations with high-end planning and high-level construction. The Wuhan Operations will help CATARC fully realize the development strategy in Central China area and its total investment will reach over RMB 500 million.
       Mr. Gao Guoyou, Director of Hanyang SPV Research Institute said the accomplishment of CATARC Wuhan Operations would help Hanyang SPV Research Institute strengthen the industrial position in the fields of regular SPV and component test business, explore its core competitiveness in the area of whole vehicle (NEV and light and medium and heavy duty commercial vehicle) and become a powerful supplement for CATARC to develop its key businesses in Central China. Meanwhile Hanyang SPV Research Institute, as the important strategic base of CATARC in Central China, could better undertake the duties of assisting the government to provide public technical service with the capabilities covering the areas as whole vehicle regulation test, R&D test, component test, NEV and ICV test and standard and regulation research etc.





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